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Covenant Producer Would Work With Morbid Angel Again


Flemming Rasmussen
Flemming Rasmussen
Yes, it’s true.

If you have access to it, the December issue of Sweden Rock Magazine features interviews with Morbid Angel’s frontman David Vincent and producer Flemming Rasmussen, who helmed Covenant.

The album is considered one of the band’s greatest achievements, and was tracked in 1993 at Morrisound in Tampa, Florida.

Asked if he’d work with the band again:

“That would probably be fun. They actually called me last summer and asked if I was interested. I was, but since then I haven’t heard from them. I have no idea how far into the creation of a new album they are.”

Ah, so Morbid’s working on a new LP. Interesting. I hope they won’t try and be a death metal Ministry on this next one again.

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