This week's wiener is...

This week's wiener is...
This week’s wiener is…
We all know the Grammys are a complete joke, even more so now they they’ve confined rock and metal to one category. Figures, a genre with true artistic integrity (for the most part) and raw talent gets shunned at an award show that rewards being good at music.

Blah, blah, we’ve heard this all before.

Anyway, we still pay attention to the one category we’ve been reduced to and get to laugh at the nominations each year.

This year, the nominees are:

Anthrax, “T.N.T” (AC/DC cover)
Black Sabbath, “God Is Dead?”
Dream Theater, “The Enemy Inside”
Killswitch Engage, “In Due Time”
Volbeat feat. King Diamond, “Room 24”

Overall, that’s not a shabby list compared to what we’ve seen before. However, the one thing that really bothers me is whenever they nominate a band for a fucking cover song or a live version of a song that was written 30 years ago. Of all the metal and rock music that was released over the course of a year, these clownpounders can’t come up with five original songs that were new to the year.

This is where the real insult comes into play. It can’t be too hard to get some intern to scan the Internet and looks at lists for 10 minutes to get a general idea of what’s a big deal this year. A cover song getting recognition at an award show that, by their own account, rewards talent and innovativeness in music is considering handing an award that means something to most “musicians” to a band who have paved their own path, but are getting recognized for a hit some other band already made huge. It’d be different if we’re in 1983 and talking about Quiet Riot, but fuck, c’mon. They’re picking Anthrax covering AC/DC over Motörhead.

This is Metal 101 shit and they should at least know that Motörhead released an album this year. By the way, that album totally fucking rules.

I think we’d all be happier if they just took the axe to this category all together and excluded any metal and rock from their self-aggrandized masturbatory yearly ceremony.

That is why you, the Grammys, are the Wiener of the Week.

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