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Integrity’s 1995 Lineup Tracks New Tune

The cover for the Integrity single
The cover for the Integrity single
You can hear a sample of that track at the very end of this post, if you’re so inclined…and I think you are.

Roger that, King Muff.

Integrity’s Systems Overload lineup — already slated to play that album in its entirety when it hits a stage together for the first time in 20 plus years during the A389 Recordings ten-year anniversary bash in Baltimore this January — has recorded.

Get psyched, you ingrate.

Recorded by current Integrity guitarist Robert Orr, the new hymn bears the name “7th Revelation: Beyond The Realm Of The VVitch.”

It was written for a special 7-inch release that’ll be made available at the upcoming one-time live set at the A389 X Bash when the lineup takes to the stage on Saturday, January 18.

That same evening will see a one-time reunion of Bloodlet.

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