Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin
This story announcing the arrival on Spotify of Led Zeppelin’s catalogue is indefensible.

This pun-heavy story is what happens when a music writer’s given way too much creative freedom.

Or has an editor unfamiliar with Led Zeppelin’s songs.

“The deal brings a whole lotta love to fans, encouraging them to get the Led out wherever they may be, whether it’s down by the seaside, over the hills and far away or if they’re just going to California.”

The story continues:

“Previously there were some good times, bad times as Zeppelin’s music was only available for digital downloads via numerous online stores, leaving streamers dazed and confused. Spotify is now the only online service to have persuaded the band to agree to stream its music, likely by reminding them: Your time is gonna come. And regardless of whether they’re downloaded or streamed, the songs remain the same.”

Ugh. I can’t tell if this is great or fucking lame. Greatness is usually easily identifiable, as is lameness. So I am confused. What is it, exactly?

I’m leaning towards lame.

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