Suffokate's sole remaining original member

Suffokate's sole remaining original member
Suffokate’s sole remaining original member
A total of three, in fact.

Oakland, California-based deathcore duds Suffokate have two new guitarists — Jason Graff and Miguel Esparza — and a new bassist, named Armando Partida.

The band’s lineup is now complete, a press release says. In a statement, drummer Lars Diaz, the band’s only original member, says:

“I am extremely happy and thankful to have such talented, dedicated, humble, and overall good people as new members in this band and I personally want to thank them for helping me in continuing this band and my life’s passion of performing and writing music… I wouldn’t be able to make this happen without them.”

When it’s just one dude from the original five, isn’t that no longer a band, but a new project, launched by the drummer? How does that work?

That makes Suffokate the GN’R of shitty deathcore.

“I also want to thank our fans for always being there to support this band through the good and bad times, you all provided constant inspiration and motivation for myself which is priceless to me so THANK YOU!!!!!”

Suffokate are currently writing music for a new record.

“We still won’t have singing in our new music,” Lars promises, “we still won’t be following the latest trend and we sure as hell won’t have any dub step in our music!!! Sorry we just enjoy writing heavy, pissed off, violence inspiring, testicle having music too much to be a part of any of that B.S.”

Violence inspiring? So that’s what you’re going for.

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