Jesse with Mike Patton

Jesse with my hero, Mike Patton
Jesse with my hero, Mike Patton
That’s right, kids.

Killswitch Engage frontman and Gunshy columnist Jesse Leach isn’t resting on his laurels this holiday season.

Killswitch may be taking some downtime for the rrest of the year, but Jesse will remain busy with one of his other bands, The Empire Shall Fall.

Says the band online:

“Today, we had our first rehearsal/run-through as a full band with the new EP. Jesse sounds great. Possibly finish tracking the first song in its entirety this week?”

Jesse offered up the following on the situation.

“We had a fairly productive rehearsal yesterday preparing for Day 1 of tracking vocals! These guys are great people and killer musicians. Just wait until you hear what they have come up with!”

I personally can’t wait.

If you still haven’t heard this band’s previous material, you are missing out.

The Empire Shall Fall are smack dab in the middle of releasing a series of EPs. The second is due out next.

How is it that Jesse can be in not one great band but three? Most people aren’t even in one good band, and he’s in three.

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