Ian Watkins, at the height of his perversion

Ian Watkins, former frontman for the now defunct band Lostprophets, is, in fact, a sick and twisted fuck, as are the two mothers he was arrested with — women who basically betrayed their children, abused them and permitting Watkins to abuse them. The transcripts from today’s court hearing’s graphic, and paints a disgusting picture of Watkins and the inhuman shit he did leading up to his arrest.

Court papers claim Watkins “spoke of not knowing to what extremes [he] would have gone but for [his] arrest.” Its hard to imagine it getting much worse than what he did, in fact, do…on video.

And despite some of you correcting me last month, Watkins is a pederast.

Watkins, according to court documents, videotaped himself deflowering two 16-year-old Lostprophets fans he met at the band’s shows. One, he made dress up as a schoolgirl before he had her suck his cock, fuck him, and then ride his dick with her ass.

He then thanked her by peeing on her face.

The other girl 16-year-old was videotaped just blowing Watkins and doing blow with him.

Court records show Watkins, when he was arrested, was in possession of 90 indecent pictures of children, aged 2 to 14. He also had 22 pics of men having oral and vaginal sex with dogs.

Then, he met the mother of the 10-month-old boy he tried to rape. Court docs claim Watkins had detailed talks with the mother about what he would do to her baby. At one point, she texted him, asking if he was ready to “get your dick in our boy.”

The baby rape was set to go down at a hotel. Watkins, court records claims, was planning on putting his penis in the baby boy’s mouth before trying to rape him anally. In video from the hotel, Watkins can be seen spitting on the baby “boy’s bottom to facilitate his attempt.”

Court documents claim the mother, that same night, performed oral on the baby, and took the baby’s hand and placed it on her vagina. Watkins also masturbated the infant.

In a follow-up text, Watkins is said to have wrote that “the boy is ready to be abused.” Then in August, the boy’s mother sent him pics of her licking her son’s penis.

The other woman charged in the Watkins case was the mother of a baby girl and promised they would be a “mother-daughter slave duo worshiping you.” Watkins liked that prospect, adding, “all she will know is a life of filth.”

Court records claim the mother wrote in a text message to Watkins that “the good thing about babies is, put anything near their mouths and they start sucking it.” Watkins allegedly wanted to force the baby girl to have sex with animals and to ingest crack cocaine.

Watkins, court records claims, referred to the girl as “my little fucktoy,” and the mother sent Watkins pictures of her fingering the girl. Watkins, according to the record, also was excited at the prospect of “stretching” the baby out.

Later, on Skype, the mother abused her daughter’s vagina, inserting her fingers, while Watkins beat off to it.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is more than enough reason for him to die with a broken broomstick handle shoved way up his ass, having torn up all of his inner organs.

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