We’ve said many times before that this column makes us both proud and embarrassed. Some of our readers’ bands are fucking excellent, but most are only OK. But that’s alright…OK is good.

You just don’t wanna be unlistenable. That happens as well, though.

In the case of Colosso, we’re actually thrilled these dudes dig the site.

The band’s Max writes us:

“Let me start by saying you’ve been doing a terrific job with Gunshy Assassin…I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’d be thrilled if you post about Colosso!”

How could I not? Just listen to the track at the end of this post and tell me you don’t wanna hear more.

The progressive death metal project from Portugal features Soilwork and Devin Townsend drummer Dirk Verbeuren on the kit.

“Please take a listen and let me know if it’s good enough to be featured on Gunshy Assassin. As stated before, it would be awesome!”

You guys are awesome, Max. Keep doing what you are doing. We approve wholeheartedly.

Entertainment Readers’ Bands: Colosso Are Fairly Awesome