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New American Black Metal Doc Released

Nic probably wishes he'd used a condom
Nic probably wishes he’d used a condom
A long in-the-works documentary about black metal in the U.S. called “Out of the Black — A Black Metal Documentary” was released today for free on YouTube.

Not sure how you make any money that way, but that’s fine. 

Says executive director William Shackleford:

“This film has been one hell of a journey, a lot of money, pain, intrigue and on and on and on. So thank God its finally released. I think we made a good film. We wanted to stay true to the art and as you know that’s very hard to accomplish in this materialistic world, but we did it anyway. I have to thank really one person Artistic Director Stefan Rydehed from Sweden, without that guy we would have nothing. A true talent.”

And here it is, folks.

The documentary features interviews with Nicolas Cage’s false metal son, so it’s gotta be worth watching.

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