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Combichrist Release Lyric Video

It’s a slow news day.

Slower than the fucks who work in my local Burger King. I tell you, they move so sluggishly, it’ll take you 20 minutes just to get a fucking french fry burger. No joke. Man, I’ve really gotta stop going there. But that french fry burger calls to me.

At the end of this post is the official lyric video for the song “From My Cold Dead Hands,” a track by the Norwegian-American outfit Combichrist.

The song comes from the band’s upcoming album, We Love You, which will be released March 21 in Europe and March 24 in the U.K. through Out Of Line Music.

Not sure when the album drops in the states, but that’s cool. I’m sure in time we’ll all know.

The album contains 13 songs, a press release tells me. I have no reason not to believe that.

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