Rings of Saturn

Rings of Saturn
Rings of Saturn
Does this band even have any fans? Let me know, because I’ll cease to cover them if no one’s giving a fuck.

So, Rings Of Saturn have announced the departure of their drummer, a dude named Jesse Beahler.

He will be replaced in the studio by Aaron Kitcher, the dude from Black Tongue and the butthurt Infant Annihilator.

Jesse left “in order to put all his concentration into his other band Black Crown Initiate,” says Rings.

“It was awesome touring with him, and we wish him the best of luck in his future musical endeavors! Despite this unfortunate news, we also want to announce that we are officially working on a new record!”

The band’s third, “we are SUPER excited about this and feel that his input will really blow peoples minds on our new material. Aaron will not be joining the band because he is already committed to two very active bands. So, we ARE looking for a touring drummer who can play material from Embryonic Anomaly, Dingir, and will be down to learn songs from the new record so we can hit the road on tours to support the upcoming release.”

Send a video to the band of yourself doing your thing, and maybe you’ll be in the group this same time next year.

And by do your thing, I don’t mean a video of you masturbating with fruit.

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