Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
This makes me a little sick, only because I was raised never to strike a woman. But by the same token, as someone who has had false allegations hurled against him by an overdramatic lady trying to get his ass impounded, I feel for dude.

In these situations, it’s almost always the man who ends up going to the slammer. Basically, that’s because usually men are the aggressors…yet, there are times when the accusations are pure bullshit. I’m hoping for the latter here.

Blabbermouth claims Dan Spitz of Red Lamb and a former guitarist for Anthrax was arrested early Christmas morning at his house in Florida on suspicion of domestic violence.

Spitz, 50, was detained by Palm Beach County Sheriff deputies and booked in to the county jail about 5 a.m. after an argument with his wife of seven years, Candi.

Police reports indicate Spitz and his wife — who have autistic twins — got into a physical confrontation at their Lake Worth home after drinking heavily on Christmas Eve.

It is alleged Dan wrapped his hands around Candi’s neck and tried to choke her, leaving visible bruises on her neck. The guitarist, who told the deputies his wife assaulted him first, sustained scratches on his chest, neck and arms.

See? It happens, dude. I had this chick one time start hitting me in a drunken rage because I talked some shit, and as she’s laying into my face, scratching me and slapping me around, I grabbed her forearms, to stop her. That’s when she started screaming “Help” and someone heard that through our opened windows and called the cops.

Luckily, her arms had no “visible bruises” or else my ass would’ve been hauled off. I know it wasn’t right to grab her arms, but is it right to let her just fucking wail on me and ruin my money maker of a face?

It seems the couple started arguing over another man Candi allegedly dated last year when she and Spitz were briefly separated.

Spitz was released on his own recognizance yesterday afternoon.

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