Old Man Gloom
Old Man Gloom
You may recall we told you some weeks ago that Old Man Gloom were in the studio, working on new music.

Well, the band’s Aaron Turner has since taken to the webernets to explain just what the band is up to.

It seems Old Man Gloom is halfway through tracking a new album for Profound Lore Records.

They’re taking a break between sessions, with plans to resume recording this June.

The sessions are being helmed by engineer and producer Kurt Ballou of Converge fame.

“Phase One was completed as of 12/13/13,” says Turner. “The group will reconvene for Phase Two in 06/14. Kurt Ballou is presiding over the production activity sector. The Gloom Group in this formation consists of AT, SM, CS and NN. Thank you.”

No, thank YOU.

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