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Down From The Wound Exclusive Song Stream: “Ill-Fated Annihilation”

Violence and the Macabre
Violence and the Macabre
If you awoke this morning thinking, “Gee, it’d be great if I could start off the first week of 2014 right, with some brutal fucking death metal from the Philippines,” what a crazy coincidence!

This very day, we are running an exclusive song stream from Down From The Wound, who have been around since 2002 and actually come from the Philippines.

The song at the end of this post — “Ill-Fated Annihilation” — comes from Down From The Wound’s first new album in six years, Violence and the Macabre.

If you dig bands like Disgorge, Gorgasm and Lust of Decay, well then holy shit are you in for it this morning.

By the way, you won’t be able to own Violence and the Macabre until February 4. Until then, crank this tune and bang that empty head of yours.

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