MacBook Air 2013 is a Macintosh ultra portable notebook PC from Apple Inc.

MacBook Air was developed to combine the qualities of performance and portability in one single design exclusively. It constitutes a full sized keyboard, a machined casing made of aluminum, coupled with a light and thin structure. The idea was to provide users with a revolutionary device that offers the attractive ambience of ergonomic genius with effective and optimized task accomplishment. It was generally an attempt to break from tradition, and to provide PC users with a device that looks good but can also perform as well as conventional computers. The device is generally available in two sizes. There is the diagonal display model that measures 13.3 inches and the 11.6 inches type.

Tracing Developments on the Macbook Air Design Front

MacBook Air designs have evolved over the years. There has been a range of various specifications which effectively provide a spectrum of model choices. Currently, the Macbook Air notebook PC uses SSD, an abbreviation for Solid State Drive and the Intel core i5 or i7 central processing unit.

Although Mac Book Air is rated slightly below the higher performance Mac Book pro, it is a welcome development in the evolution of PC technology. It readily captures clients in specific niches. This effectively means that the market forces have been sufficiently leveraged against bias.

The developments mark the relegation of MacBook Air as an entry level device to the Apple laptop devices. The signature version of MacBook was continued in 2011.This, and the lowered prices of MacBook Air accelerated the relegation of MacBook Air to its current stature.

A First of Its Kind

MacBook Air was termed as the world’s thinnest notebook upon its release sometime in 2008. It is mind boggling to understand how the Apple Inc product, MacBook, has survived the onslaught of mobile devices. Ironically, as recently as in 2012, Apple managed to ship almost three million units of the MacBook Air to various destinations across the globe. The advent and subsequent proliferation of mobile devices seemed to spell doom for an ultraportable device from Apple Inc.

Notable features of the MacBook Air

Given the fervent competition, it is forgivable to assume that Apple should have begun to shiver and shudder because of the ever rising threshold the provision of ultraportable notebooks had set. However, the developer continued to receive a lot of positive responses from the users and reviewers alike. Despite the competing ultraportable notebooks manifesting of distinctive characteristics and functional features, Mac Book Air continued to receive a thumbs up for being the most comprehensive ultraportable notebook among the wide range of the product options available from various companies.

Braving the Competition

Apple Corporation obviously faced brave competition from its competitors for the ultraportable notebook device. The competition is said to have been a practical attempt by other PC manufacturers to infiltrate the market niche Apple was enjoying. Yet, MacBook air was the first to be endowed with the latest CPU developments from Intel.

Other Significant Features

MacBook Air comes with a variety of features. It sports USB ports, headphone jack, mega safe power connector and a built in microphone. Typically, the ultraportable notebook is designed to stay lean and thin. It happens to be the lightest among the competing models. It is endowed with an LED backlit display along with a full sized keyboard. The track pad responds to touch gestures including swiping, pinching and rotating.

In the recent developments, Mac Book Air supports Mac OS, now Leopard. In addition, the track pad can recognize the handwriting of people when they write in Chinese.

Comparative Pricing Regime

The device is sold at reasonable prices in most retail outlets. The fair pricing is one of the factors that has kept the Apple Tablet in business for all the while until now. It is set to stay around for as long as there is a tablet craze.


In Rupees – INR 67900
In USD – $ 1090
In GBP – £665
In AUD – $1215
In Singapore dollar – $1382

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