Apple’s new kid on the block, MacBook is now available for sale.

The tiny desktop computer comes embedded with the Intel Xeon E5 processors. The machine comes with a robust 64 GB of RAM. Such optimized features could turn the competition into a single horse race. There is a lot more than can be said in one session for the amazing innovation. The machine comes in a revolutionary design yet to hit the computer markets. It is a departure from the traditional tower casing designs we are all familiar with. Let’s just say that the MacBook Pro 2013 is designed for professional needs. It is aimed at users who need a combination of speed and accuracy in the daily computer work.

MacBook Pro 2013 is definitely not your regular desktop computer. You must have a good reason before you buy it. Otherwise the immense versatility and technology genius in the machine will go waste. Take the speed level of 3.7 GHz; for instance, it is the kind of speed that you need for real time video, audio and text transfer. Very few computers have this kind of an efficiency. Apple has once again demonstrated their ability to pull first stunts on the technology platform. However, you should look out for the premium price of the MacBook Pro 2013; it is not your regular priced machine. It is Premium!

Features of MacBook Pro 2013

The magnificent Retina Display that MacBook Pro 2013 offers, comes over 11 hours of continuous use. It will still process your graphic tasks as though you just started. That’s the processor in the MacBook Pro 2013. Notably, the machine offers you iLife and iWork applications. Moreover, the screen it peaked at 1080p. You can plug in your devices via the two thunderbolt ports. Well, there is a lot more to discuss about the new device. We could perhaps get a little more specific and technical. In a nutshell, it would be almost unforgivable to fail to mention that Apple has finally answered the question that lingers on everybody’s mind. Why must desktop computers remain as big as they are? MacBook Pro 2013 is a demonstration that desktop computers can indeed be made smaller than they are in modern days.

The Looks of the MacBook Pro 2013

MacBook Pro looks very portable. It comes with an aluminum chassis and a matte silver finish. It also features a chic keyboard that affords you a more than comfortable usage.

Functional Features of MacBook Pro 2013

Apple has also focused more on how best the power dynamics can be managed and optimized. The focus is particularly on the MacBook Pro’s thermal core. The machine uses an integrated heat sink. The new cooling device is responsible for cooling the three processors on Mac Pro. The heat sink is in the shape of a prism whose sides attach to one of the processors.

The computer comes with three secondary motherboards which connect to the main logic board right at the bottom of the Minitower designed MacBook chassis. The machine features an inbuilt speaker too.

Comparative Pricing Regime

The price of the MacBook Pro 2013 appears to be directly linked to the performance level, and it is high, pretty high! Consequently, the portable desktop computer is priced above your average computers.


In Rupees – INR 74709

In USD – $ 1199

In GBP – £732

In AUD – $1337

In Singapore dollar – $1520

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