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MacBook Air 2013 vs Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus


Today we are going to compare two very popular and well-made laptops and hopefully help you make a decision on which one to purchase.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus

The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus offers many great features and awesome specs that will amaze even the most seasoned computer user. First, we should talk about the dimensions of this laptop and they are 12.58”X8.76”X0.54” inches and the laptop weighs 3.1 pounds. The color of this laptop is Mineral Ash Black. The screen size is 13.3 inches and the screen resolution is a high resolution 3200 X 1800 pixels. The processor included in this laptop is 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 and has a memory speed of 160 MHz and the hard drive is a 128 GB Solid State Drive SATA3. The graphics processor is the Intel HD Graphics 4400. The operating system is Windows 8 and included with this laptop is the awesome Samsung Apps including entertainment, finance, travel, weather, education, and even physical training apps. You can also download apps to read books, watch movies, and play some awesome games. The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is a very fast laptop booting up in only 5.9 seconds. The Intel Core i5 that we discussed earlier makes your laptop work 15 % more efficient than many other competitors.

MacBook Air 2013

The MacBook Air 2013 also has some amazing specs and advanced technology. The dimensions of this laptop is 12.8” X 8.94” X 0.68” inches and weighs 2.96 pounds. The display screen on the MacBook Air is 13.3 inch LED and backlit glossy widescreen and has a million color options built in. The processor included is 1.3 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 and even has a Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHZ with 3 MG of shared cashe. The graphics processor is the Intel HD Graphics 5000 internal processor with 512 MB of GDDR5 memory. This MacBook Air comes with a HD 720p FaceTime camera so you can communicate with anyone and at any time.  This laptop also comes with a 45W MagSafe 2 power adaptor that is kept in place magnetically, so if anyone trips on it your MacBook will be safe and only the cord will fall. The battery will last 12 hours even when used the whole 12 hours. The MacBook Air 2013 comes with a lot of awesome software that includes the Mac App Store, Safari, and even iLife which is a program that helps you do things with your photos, movies, and music that has never been done before. You will be able to create many awesome unique projects to share with your friends and family.

As you can see both the MacBook Air 2013 and the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus are both awesome laptops in their own way. Both are so great and will meet your needs well so the choice comes down to preference and the Samsung is about 100 dollars cheaper as well.