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Free Antivirus Download For Windows and Mac


The process of downloading free antiviruses is pretty much the same for all software.

These programs do not take too long to be downloaded and the great thing is that there are actually lots of them that you can find in the World Wide Web now. So if you want to make sure that your computer is kept protected against viruses and other malicious files that could potentially harm your system, you better refer to the steps below as your guide in downloading these free antiviruses.

Uninstall your Existing Antivirus

Before you begin to download any of free antivirus software, you must first remove your existing antivirus software. It is important to use only one antivirus program at a time in order to avoid conflicts that might make these programs useless.

Also, this helps to make the software to become even more effective since there won’t be other programs that will interfere while it is doing its tasks. Furthermore, there are some free antiviruses that will not install if they have detected that your computer is currently using different antivirus software.

Download the Antivirus Software

The next step is to look for free antiviruses that you can download on your computer. There are so many of them now. You can simply search for them in the World Wide Web. It is a good idea to download the software directly from their website. Sometimes, you will be directed to another site, such as This site features several free antiviruses to download. Just click on the link of the software of your choice and then it will ask you to click on the option to the install file. Click “run” and the installation will begin. Choose your preferred language and hit “next”. Follow the prompts that will follow.

Select the Type of Installation

You will then be taken to a page which displays the terms and conditions of downloading the antivirus software. Read the license agreement well and choose “accept” to continue. Then click on another page where you will be asked to choose the version of antivirus that you want.  Choose the free software and it will then ask you to choose the type of installation process that you want. Usually, the choices are between a custom install or express install.

  • If you choose the custom installation, you will be given options to choose which components to install on the next screen. With this method, you can choose to enable or disable some extra features that the software comes with.
  • Selecting express installation will install everything that comes with the free antivirus program. It will even include toolbars and search sites on your browser. If you do not want all these added extras, then opt for custom installation.

In some free antiviruses, there’s an option for recommended installation. That’s a good choice for most users.

After you have chosen your method of installation, the software will begin to download on your computer. Once the installation is configured, you will see that all program files are saved and installed on your computer automatically. This could take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. In all free antiviruses, the last step is to restart your computer. You can also do an initial scan once it’s installed.