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Subway Surfers Free Game Download For Android Mobile Phone


Subway Surfers is a great mobile gaming application that is available in iTunes and Play Store.

It has versions for Android phones, iOS phones and Windows phones. Thus, it is quite a versatile application, making it ideal for people who have different kinds of devices.

Downloading for Android Devices

If you have an Android phone, you have to get this gaming app from Play Store. This is the safest place to get this mobile gaming app. You can be sure that you will get a clean application that has no malware and virus when you get it from the Play Store.

Here is a quick way on how to download Subway Surfers for your Android phone:

  • Go to Play Store

The simplest way to get this mobile gaming app is to simply go to Play Store. You do not have to browse this website. You can get to this application site by simply opening your Android phone and looking for the app. This is the official application that you can use to get to the application store.

Search for the game app by entering the keyword ‘Subway Surfers’ on the search bar. You will see the game app on the results. Simply tap on the icon. When you are in the homepage of the app, just tap on the ‘Install’ tab to start installation. Provide permission then wait for the app to finish downloading and installing.

After it has been downloaded, it will automatically be installed by your phone. Wait for the notification and start playing it once it has finished installing.

  • Reminders

Make sure that your Android phone has an operating system of Android 2.3.3 and up before you start downloading. This mobile gaming app will not work on Android operating systems that are lower than the version stated above.

You should also ensure that you are downloading from the Play Store so that you won’t experience any problems with the download process and the app itself.

  • Monthly Updates

You can choose to update Subway Surfers automatically. You can also make the installation of updates manual so that you can check the updates yourself before installing them. Just make sure that you are connected to the Internet before you start downloading or updating this mobile gaming app.

  • Free

This gaming app is absolutely for free. So when another website offers you a download but asks for money or any kind of payment, be wary. You do not have to pay for anything when downloading this app so be sure that you are not providing any details to websites about your finances, especially your credit card or bank account details.

Subway Surfers is a great app that will surely make you want to jump on your seat because of the excitement that you will feel when trying to dodge obstacles and catching coins. This is an ideal mobile gaming application to anyone who wants to improve their reflexes while enjoying a great game of chasing and accomplishing of special tasks or missions.