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Viber Free Ones Download For Your Family and Friends


Viber is the number one messaging app today and just recently, they released the latest version, 4.0.

Indeed, the app works really great especially when contacting your friends through call or chat. But if you want to be able to fully enjoy the use of this messaging app, here are some tips and tricks that might work for you.

Try to Get the App on Two Devices

The coolest feature about the latest version of the app is that Viber can now support more than one device, so you could have it running on two devices, whether is a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. Furthermore, the recent version has been optimized for tablets, too. If you remember, the old version does not do this. So to install the app on two devices, simply download Viber on two mobile phones using one account and you will receive an activation code for your primary device. Key in the code and enjoy!

Get Free Stickers

Take advantage of those free stickers that Viber is giving away to all its users. There are actually over a thousand new stickers on the latest version of the app and you can all get them for free. To avail, simply go to the sticker market and then download a bunch of free ones or you can simply go to your device’s app store and get as much stickers as you can for your messenger.

Instant Message Feature Faster with Push-to-Talk

Do you know that a 15 second voice message will take about a minute to record, download, send and play? But this is not the case with the Push-to-Talk feature of Viber. This feature will actually transform your mobile phone to a walkie-talkie and that means that each time you press the button of your phone to talk, it automatically records it and you can send and play the message all at once. This feature is really amazing since you cannot find it on other messaging apps.

Customize your Conversations

If you are tired of your usual plain background when chatting and conversing with friends on Viber, why don’t you customize it? With this feature, you can choose from a wide variety of backgrounds. To do this, simply log on to your account, refer to Settings, choose Default Background and choose from a wide variety of backgrounds.

You can also add something from your gallery through the picture icon right on top of the navigation bar or snap a photo right there using the camera icon shortcut. Aside from that, you also have the option to take the background entirely through the action overflow menu. These are the three dots that are on the upper right hand corner. You can also choose to set a custom background for each conversation by swiping the right panel and then setting a particular background for chats or when making a call.

So that’s it. Follow these tips and tricks now and enjoy Viber even more! Make sure to share these tips to your friends to enjoy the app even more!