Race to the top – HTC One vs Galaxy S4.

From the time the first Apple iPhone was released in 2007, it has been a race to the top of the smartphone ladder. For years, we were faced with subpar competition, a junior varsity, if you will, to Apple’s varsity A-team. Recent years have marked a departure from the disappointing phones of the past, ushering in a new generation of fantastic Android devices that meet or exceed their iPhone counterparts. Two of the current best on the market are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, both designed to give Apple a run for its money.

Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 is a do it all to beat it all smartphone with some of the most impressive specs in the market today. Starting with its gorgeous 5 inch full HD display, this phone is definitely designed to go the distance. Users will appreciate the lighting fast quad core processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, as well as the impressive 13 megapixel rear camera with more features than you can imagine, including burst mode and dual shot mode, which takes a rear photo and front photo at the same time and incorporates them into one unique image.

Features, anyone? The S4 has them in spades. Use the infrared blaster to control your television without picking up the remote. If you are watching a video, the Smart Pause feature will automatically stock playback if you happen to glance away. Hover your fingertip over a selection to preview its contents. Trying to do two things at once? Multi Window has you covered. Habla Espanol? If not, use the on board translator to help you communicate. There are literally too many features to list. If the details have you overwhelmed or if you prefer a simpler interface, simply switch to Easy Mode to have the necessities only at your fingertips.


The HTC One is a powerhouse in its own right. While it may not be quite as quick as the S4, it is close, running on a Snapdragon 600 quad core 1.6 GHz processor and using Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box. It has a fairly meek 4 megapixel camera, but the camera uses a larger sensor than in models past to let in more light, resulting in lovely photographs. Use Zoe, and you will press the shutter once and instantly take multiple snapshots and a short video clip, as well, ensuring that you have the best shot possible. For those times that you want to watch a video or listen to music and don’t have a Bluetooth speaker or earbuds, the dual front BoomSound speakers take smartphone listening to a quality never seen before.

If you want a phone that looks as good as it performs, then the HTC One does not disappoint. The body itself is solid aluminum for an elegant look and solid feel that the S4 simply doesn’t have, and the display is absolutely stunning at a level that equals the aesthetics of the phone’s design. Those who like to stay on top of things will love the new BlinkFeed screen, incorporating tiles of updated information into a single display on your home screen. The interface of the One is simple and sophisticated, and many will prefer it to the busy-ness of S4’s TouchWiz.

Which One?

You simply cannot go wrong with either of these phones. Those who watch a lot of video and multimedia will probably prefer the better picture and strong speakers of the HTC One, as will those who prefer an elegant outer design. In contrast, those who like the idea of being able to remove a battery and use a microSD card will love the Samsung, as will those who crave all the latest bells and whistles. Both phones are available from all of the major retailers.

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