Minecraft Xbox 360 is one of the most exciting games that you can play on your Xbox console these days.

The game would require building your own Minecraft world until such time that the monsters and other intruders will come for a visit and destroy what you have built. Basically, the game is all about survival, yet, it also requires that you use your creative side, especially on the part where you begin to craft your world. At first, you might encounter lots of challenges when playing the game. But as you begin to learn the basics, as well as the ins and outs of the game, you will realize that the Minecraft Xbox 360 is indeed a fun and exciting game.

Building your Underground Home

One of the first things that you must do on the game in order to win is to learn how to build your underground home. Often, on the first night of the game, players would aim to build a small hut. They would think that their resources will not be enough for an underground home. But there are actually ways on how you can build an underground home even if you are still on the first night. Remember, building an underground home is one way to win the Minecraft Xbox 360 game since this home will shield you from the feisty intruders.

Steps on Creating the Underground Home

Here are the steps that you can follow when it comes to building your underground home on the very first night in the Minecraft Xbox 360 game:

  1. First of all, gather four pieces of bark from the nearby trees.
  2. Then open the crafting table and start crafting wooden planks. Once you have the wooden planks, use these to create a crafting table.
  3. Gather enough materials to build a shovel and a pick axe.
  4. Start digging the underground.
  5. Eventually, you will notice the surrounding is starting to get dark. Begin digging forward away from the underground hole so that the monsters will not be able to see you from the ground above.
  6. Settle on where you are and wait for the day to come.
  7. When daytime comes, you will notice that the monsters will be gone. When the sun comes out, continue to build your underground home.

More Tips

Unless the underground home you have created is lit up, there is actually no reason not to create an underground house. If you consider yourself a kind of forest lore, then you can simply keep the floors, walls, entering hall, as well as the roof in its original state. This will not destroy the overall look of your home so there is no need to worry. Do not focus much on beautifying your home on the first night. The most important thing is that you will have a place to settle before the night time comes, when the monster starts attacking. This is actually one of the best strategies to winning the Minecraft Xbox 360 game.

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