‘Candy Crush Saga’ is a name that has reached every internet friendly household.

It has become a gaming rage since its release in 2012. This addictive puzzle game which once was launched only for Facebook has taken over Android and iOS market over time. People around the world are seen hooked to their phones, tablets and iPads trying to clear one more level of this game. Candy Crush Saga has broken all the records set by any gaming app till now. It has more than 6.5 million daily active users and over half a billion people have downloaded this app worldwide. What is it about this game that has it ranked as no. 1 free gaming app for Android as well as iOS?

The Game Itself

Candy Crush Saga is match-three puzzle game, first released on Facebook and then on Android and iOS platforms. The game involves a game board of colorful candies. The player needs to swap the positions of adjacent candies so that they can three same colored candies horizontally or vertically. The different candies include orange lozenge, red jelly bean, green square, blue lollipop, purple cluster, yellow lemon drop and many more the higher levels. The game is categorized into various levels with advancing game challenge intensity. The levels have various obstacles, boosters and life bonuses. The game’s main characters are Tiffi, Mr. Toffee and Easter Bunny.

The Genius

The Candy Crush game is the brain child of a game development company called King. The company with its headquarters in London was founded in the year 2003. It is lead by Riccardo Zacconi. The largest game development company on Facebook has about 150 games on its record. The uniqueness of King Games is that these games synchronize across all platforms simultaneously, so the player can pick up where he left off on his PC or mobile or tablet.  The success of the company is evident in the fact that its top game, Candy Crush Saga, is the no. 1 top grossing game on all platforms. The game is estimated to rake in revenue of about $6.5 million daily.

The Popularity Gimmick

Millions of people around the world are entering this Candy Crush gaming revolution every day. The Gaming Population seems to fall in love with this game not just because it is a multilevel free app game, but because it checks all the right boxes for a great gaming experience.

To state the obvious, it is a colorful, lighthearted puzzle game with an attractive interface design. The game play is familiar and easy to understand. Even though it looks like child’s play during the first few levels, the advancing levels bring greater challenges with them.  The levels just don’t stop coming. It has 515 levels of Facebook and 485 on your smartphone. The game is omnipresent too. You can play it on Facebook, iPhone, iPad and any Android smartphone.

The Other Side of the Coin

A game with such huge popularity does not have many drawbacks. Though there are a few glitches reported by players, the development team is prompt in sending regular bug fix updates. One downside of the game is the in-app purchase required. The game becomes unconquerable after a certain level unless you buy the paid boosts. This is the infamous trick employed by the developers to keep the players hooked and manage their company revenue at the same time. Another complaint is surprisingly by the non-player community of people. The Candy Crush players need to send friend invites on Facebook to unlock a few levels.  This becomes the reason for quite a lot of irritation for the non playing people with their Facebook inbox filling up with the invites.

In a nutshell, there is a lot of logic to the success of Candy Crush Saga. Its growing fan following is a proof for that.

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