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When Will Minecraft Xbox One Edition Be Released?


So when will Minecraft Xbox One edition be released in the market?

Well, this is the question that almost every Xbox One gamer has been asking ever since Microsoft revealed its plan to offer Minecraft for their Xbox One console.

Popularity of Minecraft

There is no doubt that Minecraft is indeed one of the most popular video games ever created. From its PC version, down to the handheld versions and now, console versions, such as the Minecraft Xbox 360, the game is definitely gaining so much popularity. So when Microsoft showed the trailer of the upcoming Minecraft Xbox One edition during the E3 2013 convention, Xbox One fans have been so excited for its release. In fact, almost all of them have been asking the same thing – when will this game be released?

What to Expect

While the game is not out yet, there have been a lot of rumors circulating on how the game will turn out to be. First of all, the game developer has admitted that the Minecraft Xbox One edition will be solely based from the Microsoft Xbox 360 edition. But then, they pointed out that on the Xbox One version, players can expect a much bigger Minecraft world. Along with this enhanced world are the expanded multiplayer features and several enhancements which will certainly make the game to become even more interesting. Yet, the question remains – when exactly is the actual release date of the game?

Release Dates

When Microsoft showed the trailer of the Minecraft Xbox One edition, they informed everyone that they are planning to release the game early next year, which is around the first quarter of 2014. But later on, they have moved the release date to around the summer of 2014. And just recently rumors have been circulating that Microsoft has finally confirmed that the release date will be in March of this year.

Whether this rumor is true or not, one thing is for sure – the Minecraft Xbox One edition will definitely be coming and soon enough you will find yourself getting hooked to your Xbox One console, building and crafting your own Minecraft world.

The Gameplay

Along with the release date, Xbox One gamers are also curious as to how the gameplay would be like for the Minecraft Xbox One edition. As stated above, the game will be solely based from the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, which means that the gameplay will be pretty much the same.

Just like with the first ever Minecraft game, which is in the PC version, players will be tasked to craft certain tools, build their own building and a place for them to settle. And yes, just like the original version of the game, players of the Minecraft Xbox One version will have to deal with those monsters, creepers, skeletons and other villains that are out to destroy your Minecraft game at night. So basically, the Minecraft Xbox One edition is very similar to the original game but the fact that it comes with various enhancements, make the game to become more interesting and exciting.