Good news for everyone who plays Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition.

The PlayStation edition of the game has recently finished development, and is currently being approved for sale.

What does this mean for Xbox players? Now that 4J isn’t developing for PS3, the next long-awaited update could come out.

That’s right, after months of waiting the game will receive a new, refreshing touch. 4J states the update will be based on PC version 1.3.1. Despite the fact that the PC counterpart to this update was mostly based on backend bug fixes, there are still a couple of features that many players have been looking forward to for a long time. For example, one of the most anticipated changes is the addition of emerald ore to the game, allowing trading with villagers. The update also included randomly generated structures, Desert Temples and Jungle Temples, which also spawn small amounts of end game loot, such as diamonds, or, presuming they are added in the next update, emeralds.

Some features included in the PC version that we might see in this next update are performance tweaks (expect less lag), adventure mode (which will improve custom map making), an improved creative mode inventory (categories to ease finding the item you need), tripwires which send a redstone pulse when activated, ender chests which allow a constant inventory across all chests, and books that you can write in. There are a number of other interesting changes that could come, as seen in the 4J changelogs.
There has also been speculation that some key features of newer PC updates will be added to the Xbox version, similarly to past updates. Some suggest the Redstone mechanics of PC version 1.5 will be implemented, while others believe it will be the horses of 1.6. There is one other main factor that may impact the release of the next update. With the recent launch of the PS4 and XBOX One, 4J is devoting some, if not all, of its resources to develop a version of minecraft for the new consoles. However, it is rumored that 4J’s priority is the new 360 update, thankfully.

Many players also hope for the addition of “Console Commands” as seen on PC. These commands allow on the fly changes of game mode, time, and player position. They can also give a player items. Another popular request of players are servers that can be hosted by themselves, and can remain active when they are not present. It is unlikely that this will be implemented, especially in the next update, but it is the hope of many.

In the vein of popular PC additions, many players are wishing for customizable skins for their avatars. This is a feature that has been on PC for a long time, and may come to console soon. A skin editor app could be released, and players could design, download, and use their own skins. It is rumored that the reason this is being kept of console is to avoid offensive content, but some sort of report/review system could most likely be implemented to combat this.

Based on the wealth of popular and creative features on the PC, it seems 4J has their work cut out for them. The suggestions covered in this article barely scratches the surface of what players would eventually like to see implemented in the game. So far, however, we can all say that 4J has done an absolutely amazing job perfecting the game so far. Although nobody can know for sure what will be included in Title Update 14, it is sure to improve an excellent game and provide a well-needed refresher.

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