Throughout the years, the Google Play store and Apple App Store have had a huge increase in applications and games.

Game fads come and go, and get better with each generation. Recently, a huge increase in endless running games for mobile devices has brought a lot of fun and interesting games, one of them being the notorious Temple Run. Temple Run is an endless running game developed and published by Imangi Studios with over 170 million downloads on just the Google Play store alone, seemingly redefining mobile gaming. In Temple Run you jump, turn, and slide to avoid obstacles and getting caught by some very angry monkeys. You collect coins in this game to level up, earn achievements, and gain many more powerups. After the hit new game Temple Run, Imangi came out with Temple Run 2, which added additional twists to the beloved game.

Temple Run 2 has the same running mechanics, turning, jumping, sliding and tilting, but is amped up to a much more intense gameplay! What makes this game so much different than the first version? In the first Temple Run, you start off in some kind of tribal land representing an almost familiar scene from Indiana Jones, but in the second you are in a temple hanging over the sky, having to be careful of falling miles down to your death. You are supposed to slide under the same lines of fire, jump over broken paths of cobble, slippery stone paths or raised wooden piers in the first, but it intensifies in the second as you zip down rope slides, ride on mine carts that tilt, and try not to fall off the map in out-of-nowhere cliff drops. In version one you get to choose between seven characters, versus four in the second installment. Coins are in both with three different types, however gems were added in the second which allow you to respawn right away from the place you died at and continue your game. In addition to all the new features added in Temple Run 2, it also has beautifully new HD graphics.

You can play Temple Run 2 on any Android or IOS device, but what about PC play? With the aid of a couple of programs you can do just that; run any Android application through Windows, Mac, and even Linux operating systems! There are two methods of doing this, one of which is much more complicated than the other.

Method 1: BlueStacks (Windows & Mac Only)

This is most likely the easiest way to run android apps natively on your computer, but what is it exactly? Simple, it’s an emulator that is installed, and configured for your computer so you can start right away. BlueStacks enables you to to start games and apps right off the bat.

Step 1) Visit, and press the green download button. It will download right away.

Step 2) Run the Setup, press next throughout it using default settings and it will automatically install for you.

Step 3) Add in your Gmail account for Google Play (register if you don’t already have one), and once finished enter Google Play, search for Temple Run 2, install it, and once installed press the home button and open your apps folder to run it!

Method 2: VirtualBox (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

Step 1. (Required) You need the ISO file containing the Android Set-up files. You can get those here:
Step 2. Download and install Virtual Box here:
Step 3. Make sure your platform lines up with what you’re downloading and installing.
Step 4. Open up Virtual Box and click on “New”.
Step 5. Press Next.
Step 6. Enter the name for your new Virtual machine and select Android, press next. (Typing “Android” will automatically select Android for you).
Step 7. Adjust how much RAM you want to give. (Don’t put less than 512, give a good amount if possible)
Step 8. Click next.
Step 9. Select “Boot Hard Disc” and check “Create new hard disc”. Click next.
Step 10. Click next again.
Step 11. Choose ‘Dynamically expanding storage’.
Step 12. Select the location of the Android ISO.
Step 13. Click Finish in the last windows.
Step 15. Start your new virtual machine. A few windows will appear, but you can ignore them all except for the “First Run Wizard” window.
Step 16. Android will now install.

From there, just install Temple Run 2 from the Google Play store. This method also works with other virtualization software.

Temple Run had instant success on the mobile app stores, and now, with Temple Run 2 and the right tools, you can even play the hit game on your computer. No smartphone? No problem!

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