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WhatsApp Best App for Free Download in 2014


What’s up with WhatsApp this 2014?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services for mobile devices now and recently, a new version of the device was released in the market. It is a kind of cross platform messaging application that allows users to exchange messages with one another, without the need to pay for anything.

The messenger app works well with the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other mobile devices. Since this app makes use of the same Internet data plan that you’re using for web surfing and email, there is no cost to send messages or make calls to other users who have this same app installed on their phone.

Aside from the basic messaging features, users can create groups with WhatsApp and send an unlimited number of images, audio and video messages. Before the start of 2014, WhatsApp actually made several updates and improvements so users will have a much better experience in using the messaging app.

iPhone Users

A big percentage of WhatsApp users have devices that are running the iOS operating system, such as the iPhone. In preparation for 2014, WhatsApp has redesigned its iOS 7 user interface. These new updates have brought in a much improved location sharing with the use of 3D maps.

Some of the latest features introduced on this new version of the messaging app for iPhone users include the broadcast list which gives users an option to send in a message to a group of friends, all at once. Furthermore, it brings an overhauled interface especially when it comes to managing blocked contacts. It also has a much bigger thumbnail view, more improved crop image features, and many more.

Android Users

A lot of Android users love WhatsApp. And just like with the iOS, they have also updated their Android platform, making the app to become even more popular among users of Android devices.

There were lots of improvements that were made on WhatsApp for 2014 and one of these is the user’s ability to easily and quickly change their phone numbers. As a result, there is no longer a need for any reloads and backups of contacts and chats in the event that you decided to change your SIM or your device.

Blackberry Users

For those who use a Blackberry device in using the WhatsApp messaging app, there are lots of updates that are made for the year 2014. The new version of WhatsApp for BlackBerry is the version 2.11.134. On this version, users will notice a much larger photo thumbnail on the chat screen, as well as new account management features. On this new feature, users will be able to easily change their number and delete their existing account. The larger thumbnails as well as the option to change number and delete the account are two of the most wanted features of several BBM users out there. These features are indeed among the best additions for WhatsApp this 2014 for Blackberry users.

WhatsApp has been listening intently to what the market wants and this is the reason why they came up with all these updates and improvements. This is why users can expect a much better user experience in 2014.