Are you interested in cutting ties with cable and satellite in favor of one of the new streaming devices?

The cheapest streamer on the market today is the nifty little Google Chromecast, which consists of a tiny “Dongle” that plugs into your TV in order to stream content from your computer to your television and receives several streaming channels to boot. Once you’ve plunked down your $35 and gotten the Chromecast home, setup is a breeze. Here are the steps to set up your Google Chromecast.

Setup Step 1: Identify Parts

When you open your Google Chromecast box, you will find four pieces – the Chromecast Dongle, a USB power cable, a power supply, and an HDMI extender. Look at the back or side of your TV. The Chromecast Dongle will plug into any HDMI port and receive its power from an open USB port. If there is no USB port available, you can alternatively plug the USB end into the power supply and plug it into the wall. The HDMI extender is included in case your television’s HDMI port is difficult to access.

Setup Step 2: Connect Your Device

First, connect your Dongle to the USB power cable. Next, plug the Dongle into your television, using the HDMI extender if necessary. Now, plug the other end of the USB power cable into your television’s USB port or the power supply. Change your television to the proper input, and you are finished with the physical setup.

Setup Step 3: On Screen Setup

Now that your device is connected, you need to get out your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device and connect to your local Wi-Fi network. Visit and download the Chromecast app by clicking “download” or “get it on Google play.” Now launch the application on your device. Choose the device you are trying to set up, and complete the onscreen instructions.

Setup Step 4: Use the Home Screen

After setup is successfully completed, you will see the Chromecast Home Screen on your television. At this point, you can use your tablet, smartphone, or laptop as a remote to control your television. You can use the home screen to choose between the following channels:

  • Netflix
  • HBO Go
  • Hulu Plus
  • Pandora
  • You Tube
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Google Play Music
  • Vevo
  • Red Bull TV
  • Songza
  • Plex
  • Post TV
  • Viki
  • Real Player Cloud

You can also “cast” whatever you are viewing on your remote device to your television and it will mirror whatever is on your smaller device screen.

The setup and operation of the Google Chromecast device is very simple, and the on screen menus are easy to use and navigate. If you have any difficulty setting up your device, review the Google Chromecast website for more details and customer support. While the Chromecast doesn’t have as many channels as, say, the Roku, it is considerably less expensive and cumbersome, making it a fine choice for the budget conscious among us.

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