GTA 5 stands for Grand Theft Auto V. It is an open world action packed video game that was published and developed by the RockStar Games.

The game was released in the market in September of 2013 and initially, it was released for PlayStation 3 as well as Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

The GTA 5 is actually the 15th title on the Grand Theft Auto. This is proof of the franchise’s popularity. As one of the last titles to be launched for the 7th generation of the video game consoles, the GTA 5 was highly anticipated even before it was released in the market. And because of the overall success of GTA 5 in consoles, a lot are anticipating the release of the GTA 5 PC version.

How the Game is Played

The Grand Theft Auto V is that kind of video game wherein you play through a 3rd person perspective. It is an open world environment, thus, allowing players to interact with each other all throughout the game. The game is set on a fictional state of San Andreas and is based on Southern California, which affords the player the ability to roam freely through the world’s countryside, including the city of Los Santos which is entirely fictional.

The online player mode of the game allows up to 16 players to engage in a cooperative mode as well as competitive gameplay through a recreation of a single player setting. Indeed, the Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most interesting video games you could ever encounter and it is for this reason why PC users can’t wait for the release of the GTA 5 PC edition.


As mentioned, the Grand Theft Auto is an action filled adventure game. The player will have to make use of melee attacks, including some firearms and explosives when fighting enemies. Furthermore, he is also expected to perform some stunts, like swimming and jumping and driving some vehicles in order to navigate his way through the game.

During combat, the player can make use of auto aim as well as a cover system in order to keep himself protected against enemies. If in the event that the player’s health becomes too low, it will immediately regenerate half way point. The main objective of GTA 5 PC, as well as the console versions, is to complete certain missions that will progress all throughout the entire gameplay. It’s really a very captivating game.

Grand Theft Auto on PC

As of yet, there is no official announcement from the RockStar Games as to when the GTA 5 PC will be released. Nevertheless, the company has assured everyone that the game will eventually be released in the market. As a matter of fact, leaked footage of the game has appeared online which adds to the excitement of those who have been anticipating the game.  However, when the video started to spread all over the World Wide Web, RockStar made moves to have the video removed. This only fanned the flames even more.

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