One of the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that has brought joy  to all Minecraft gamers was 4J Studio’s admission that they are now on their way to developing the Title Update 14 or TU14 version of this very popular game.

If you are not aware, the team has been working relentlessly lately in trying to fix the bugs and glitches on the latest console version of the Minecraft, the Minecraft PlayStation 3 edition. And now that they are almost done with this task, they are now going to put their focus on the Title Update 14, as revealed on the most recent Minecraft Xbox 360 updates they have shared to the public through their Twitter account.

Title Update 14

4J Studios has actually started working on the Title Update 14 patches since last year, but due to what had happened on the PS3 edition, they had to stop the development and work on the PS3 issues instead. But recently, they have made a confirmation that they are once again working on developing the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, to the delight of Xbox 360 gamers. Fans are eagerly awaiting the Title Update 14 and every time the company will post some Minecraft Xbox 360 updates on their Twitter account, some people would end up asking when the TU14 patches will be out.

TU14 Details Revealed

Along with the anticipation of the release date of the TU14 edition, a lot of fans are also eager to hear about the details behind this latest edition. To those who are not aware, this edition is mainly based on the original version, which is the PC format. It runs on a Java platform and is known as the Minecraft 1.3.1 version.

According to the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, the team will put their focus more on the “behind the scenes” issues of some additions to the content. However, 4J Studios has also hinted that there will be a lot of new features that will also be included on the Title Update 14.

Watch Out for More Details

Right now, it is still difficult to guess what would really be included on the Title Update 14 of the Minecraft game. But one thing is for sure. This will certainly be even more exciting than the previous versions.

The great thing about 4J Studios is that they would not hesitate to let their fans know about the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, and in fact, they will even post some trailers and snapshots of any of their upcoming games.

As of this writing though, there’s no sighting of the TU14 trailer yet. Nevertheless, Minecraft fans should go to Twitter and stay tuned for more details. Soon enough, 4J Studios will be posting the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates and developments of the Title Update 14 that they are working on, and who knows, they might let you in on a preview of the game. So log on to Twitter now, follow 4J Studios, and keep posted for any updates.

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