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WhatsApp Download Free Version – Change Your Wallpaper and Profile Pictures


WhatsApp is a popular instant messenger app used by millions of smartphone users worldwide.

The app is always evolving and in fact, it is now loaded with so many features that help users to enjoy the messenger device even more.

Aside from the ability to send free messages, the device also allows you to send images and videos to friends. But those who are new to this app may not be aware of some other ways of maximizing this device. They’re not fulfilling the potential of this app. Just in case you’re one of them, here are some of the tips and tricks to maximize your use of the WhatsApp messaging app in you mobile device.

Changing your Wallpaper

A lot of users may already know how to change their wallpaper in WhatsApp, but there are a few that have no idea how to go about this. To do this, simply tap the “Settings” option in the navigation bar of the app. Then click on “Chat Settings”. Choose “Chat Wallpaper” and then you will be given an option to search through the default wallpapers or from your camera roll. The camera roll is where your photos are saved. So choose the wallpaper of your choice and it will then change your chat wallpaper.

Grabbing Friends’ Profile Pictures

Whether you are stalking a crush or you simply just want to have a copy of your friends’ profile pictures, doing so is actually possible with WhatsApp. Technically though, there is no option available to download profile pictures in the app. This was done for security reasons.

However, there is a very good workaround to this. When you click on the option to view your friend’s profile picture, this will actually be saved automatically to your SD card. To get this, you need to go to the SD card option of your phone, choose WhatsApp and then tap on the “Profile Pictures”. You will then see their images as well as their contact numbers.

Sending a Broadcast Message

Another tip which a lot of WhatsApp users may not be aware of is sending a broadcast message. A broadcast message is a mass message or that kind of message that you send to many people or a group of recipients.

To do this, simply tap your finger on the “Chats” option on the navigation bar. Choose “Broadcast Message” and then tap on the names of the persons to whom you are sending the message to. Remember that you can send the broadcast message to a maximum of 50 recipients. So after you tap on the names of your contacts, confirm your selections and then tap “Done”. Type your message and then choose a photo to attach, a video or location and even a contact if you want. Your broadcast message will then be sent to your preferred recipients.

Aside from the tips and tricks mentioned above, there are several others that some users may not be aware of. Explore your WhatsApp app and discover all of them!