If you are an avid player of Minecraft Xbox 360, then you must be one of those who are looking forward to knowing the details on the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates on TU14 or Title Update 14 Patch Details.

Minecraft, as you know, is a successful sandbox indie game that was created by Markus Persson, a Swedish computer programmer. The game was originally released as a PC version on March of 2009 but later on, in May of 2012, a company named 4J Studios has developed a console version of the game, and that’s how the Minecraft Xbox 360 was launched.

Just like with other games that the 4J Studios has developed, the company regularly updates the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. And one of the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that gamers would want to hear about are the details on the TU14 patches.

Few Details Were Revealed

Unfortunately, only a handful of details are available regarding the TU14 patches for the Minecraft Xbox 360. The 4J Studios has hinted that the TU14 patch will be in a Java platform, similar to its PC counterpart.

This upcoming Title Update will be based mainly on the Version 1.3.1 of the first ever Minecraft video game which was released in the PC version. In addition, the development team is also thinking of adding more contents as part of the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates and some screenshots were also presented by the company. But aside from these, no other details were given.

Minecraft Version 1.3.1

The Minecraft Version 1.3.1 gives players the ability to trade with some non playable characters aside from introducing new emerald element. They have not disclosed further details about the TU14 patches and did not even elaborate more on the actual release date.

Right now, the company is said to be working hard on fixing the bugs that the PS3 edition of Minecraft has. As you know, the Minecraft version for Sony’s gaming console, the PS3, has been plagued with so many bugs, including corruption issues and other things. So aside from focusing on the TU14 patches, the development team of 4J Studios is also doing their best to fix those bugs and will soon release information of the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates in detail.

Console Versions

The 4J Studios has been very vocal about their plans of creating more console versions of the Minecraft game. Aside from the Xbox 360, they are set to launch an Xbox One version anytime this year and they will soon be releasing a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions as well.

Xbox One and PS4 users are so excited for this game, but they believe that 4J Studios should first focus on releasing the TU14 patches as part of the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates before they work on developing any of these console versions. It is important that they are able to enhance the Minecraft Xbox 360 before eventually moving on to create a version for the PS4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One platforms.

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