Facebook, being the most popular social networking site, helps connect people anywhere in the globe.

It is so easy to search for your friends whom you have lost in touch with for so many years. You just have to type the name of the person and it will do the searching for you.

However, there are certain precautionary measures that you need to follow so as to avoid falling victim to an Internet (or real life) crime. Yes, Facebook is a playground of a lot of criminals nowadays.

Safety Tips to Follow

  1. Do not accept all friend requests. There are instances wherein you will receive friend requests from people you do not know but are friends with someone on your list. You’ll never know if these people just want to get some private information about you.
  2. Avoid posting your whereabouts. There are individuals who would constantly announce to the world where they are. This is especially true for those who have children. You may not be aware of it, but somebody might be following you.
  3. Avoid adding your home and work address on your profile. It is safer if you will only indicate your email address on your Facebook profile.
  4. Be wary when posting pictures. As much as possible, select only those people whom you want to share your pictures with. You can customize as to who are only allowed to view your pictures. Always keep in mind that these pictures can be downloaded by anyone, so be very careful.
  5. Remember that your Facebook page is something that is not kept private. If anyone wants to see your page (even if that person is not your Facebook friend), all it takes is to type your name and your profile will be visible right away. So be careful with the information you share. At the very least, secure your profile via the privacy settings.
  6. Go to privacy settings. To avoid getting hacked, there are many ways to protect yourself from hackers. First, you can always turn-on the second sign-in verification of your Facebook account. If this is activated, your computer or your device is recognized. Now if somebody is attempting to open your account, you will get a text message from this social networking site if you will allow the device to open your account. There is also a second password requirement setting. If the device is not recognized, the social networking site will ask for the second password you created to be able to open your account.
  7. Be careful with anything that you post on your wall. If you are writing something negative or out of anger, your posts can be easily re-posted. You will never know whether it could work against you or not.
  8. If you are using a computer in your office, be sure to log out after. Better be safe than sorry later.

Facebook can either be your friend or your foe. Just always practice the safety measures mentioned above. It is good to be socially connected but with some caution. Self-protection should always be your top priority. Best of all, use your common sense when using the site.

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