The new concepts behind Halo 5 revealed.

Halo is a science fiction kind of videogame that was created by Bungie and is now being managed by the 343 Industries, which is now owned by Microsoft Studios. The Halo series is all about a war in between a group of aliens and humans. These aliens are known collectively as the Covenant and are led by some religious leaders, called the Prophets, which worship the ancient civilization that they call the Forerunners, which perished during a combat with some parasitic flood.

Most parts of the game center on the experiences of what they call as the Master Chief John-117. The Master Chief is a virtually enhanced human that fights along with companions operating on artificial intelligence. Because of the huge success of the game, rumors are spreading all over the web about the upcoming release of the Halo 5 and in fact, new concepts behind the game have been recently revealed.

Concept of Art

The developer of the Halo series of games, 343 Industries, has released a new concept of art which is said to be the basis of the upcoming fifth series of Halo, the Halo 5. Such concept has also revealed a prominent setting for the game, a topic that is being debated in the web lately.

According to a new post about the Halo game series, the 343 Industries has discussed lots of changes for the company in the year 2014. The post has also included a piece of concept art which shows one of the main areas of the upcoming Halo 5.

Massive Ship

The artwork is said to reveal a massive ship that is landing near a temporary military camp along with so many different structures which is the center of so much activity. There are so many different ships flying all over the background, although it is not clear as to why such place is hailed important for the Halo 5. The post has also revealed some interesting details on the upcoming Halo installment. While discussing what is in store for fans this 2014, the 343 Industries has also revealed that the next game will be much more transformative as ever, being part of the Xbox One.

Voice and Motion Commands

It is not clear if the Halo 5 will indeed be transformative since the new game will be released for the Xbox One and 343 Industries could take advantage of the console’s new technology. There’s also the possibility that the game will be having some new elements that are entirely new to the Halo series. Furthermore, the developer would probably be making use of the Kinect in order to add some voice commands as well as motion controls on the game and totally change the series formula by adopting new gameplay elements, or perhaps, combining the game’s multiplayer matches.

At this point, only a few details are available about the Halo 5. Not even Microsoft is confirming when this game will be released for the Xbox One. But the art concepts should be a hint on what to expect on this upcoming game.

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