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WhatsApp Ad-Free Download or Viber Messaging App?


The differences between Viber and WhatsApp.

There are lots of messaging applications for smartphones that are available to download these days, but among these apps, it is the Viber and WhatsApp that stand out. These two apps are known for their many great features. So which one should you get and use? Here are the differences between these two messaging apps.

User Interface

The user interface of WhatsApp is quite simple and easy to handle for anyone. It launches updates on a regular basis making its interface more appealing and more user friendly to everyone.

Generally, its interface will pretty much depend on the type of platform that you are using on your device. As for Viber, it has somewhat a more appealing interface which is in purple and white shades, regardless of the platform used. Viber comes with two basic menus and its messaging service is easy to use as well, along with the video and voice calling services. But what makes it stand out against WhatsApp when it comes to text messaging is that it has these fun emoticons and stickers that users can send to their contacts.



When using any messaging app, you should also know how secure they are. With WhatsApp, you will need to have a working registered phone number to use it. When you install the app on your device, it will scan your contact list and search for people on your contacts that make use of the same app on their mobile. This way, you can connect with them using the features available on this app.

Now the great thing about this feature is that it comes with an option to block someone. This is for your security which is actually a plus for WhatsApp. As for Viber, it handles security in a totally different way. Although everything works similarly with WhatsApp, but if you do not want any of your contacts to see that you are online, then you can turn off this option by simply going to settings. Furthermore, Viber has the ability to track your maintenance services as well as IP address which are added security features for all users.


Both WhatsApp and Viber are loaded with so many great features that are almost similar, but the speed and accuracy of these features differ from one another. With WhatsApp, you are able to send in voice notes, videos, images, contacts and even share your location. You can also receive offline messages, email your chats, and enjoy group chats which are basically the same features as Viber. The main difference lies on the fact that WhatsApp is only limited to text messaging.


Viber is free to download and use. On the other hand, WhatsApp is free to download and try on the first year, and you have to pay 99 cents per year after that. On the plus side, WhatsApp is ad-free.

Now that you know their differences from one another, it’s time for you to make a choice. However, why not make the choice of using both?