For some, it is just a way of killing time whereas for others it is a matter of great importance to challenge their friends and come out on top at each level of this addictive game from King.

Here are some of the basics of the Candy Crush Saga.

Understanding The Board

At every level of the game, you will first have to make an observation of the board. On the top right hand corner, you will find the bonuses available for you. You can click and activate them or click and buy them from the store. The top part of the board also shows you the target or objective for a particular game, such as bringing down the ingredients or achieving a particular score and so on. On the bottom of the playing board, you can view the number of moves that you can make to achieve the target. If you achieve the goal or if you exhaust the number of moves, the particular level gets finished. You can also see your scores as you make moves. You have totally 5 lives and if all these are over, you need to wait for it to refill or make changes to the settings.

Basic Candy Crush Moves

You can complete levels by making groups of candies of three and more, either horizontally or vertically. Creating 3 candies either in a row or a column is the basic candy crush move and all you need to do is align candies of the same color together, either vertically or horizontally. If you are able to match 4 candies of the same color together, either vertically or horizontally, you will get a striped candy of the same color, that can smash a whole candy line, either horizontally or vertically. On the other hand, if you are able to bring candies of the same color in an L or a T pattern together, the resulting candy is a wrapped candy, which explodes the surrounding candies and clears them. When you bring 5 candies of the same color together, you will get a chocolate ball. When you combine this with an ordinary candy, you can blast all the candies of that color.

Creating Candy Combinations

You can create powerful combinations by combining two candies in this game. This will have a greater effect, will increase your points and you will be able to achieve the specified target more easily with such combos. The different combinations produce striped candies, wrapped candies and color bombs, also known as sprinkled chocolates. Special candies can be combined with each other in different ways to produce terrific effect on the game. For instance, the striped and striped candy combo clears the row and the column of the candies, no matter what the direction of the stripe. The striped and wrapped candy too wipes out a whole row and column, but here a wider swathe of the board is cleared. The striped and color bomb combination is very powerful. The bomb explodes and all the candies that are in the color of the striped candy change into striped ones and they all explode bursting several columns and rows. You can also combine two color bombs, a very rare opportunity, which blasts all the candies that are there on the board.

Using Boosters

You can earn boosters everyday by spinning the wheel or you can purchase boosters to win some frustrating levels. The boosters consist of the lollipop hammer, the shuffle candy and so on. You can also get your friends to play the game and derive benefits, such as boosters and tickets to progress through certain levels. If you find that the board looks very challenging, you can reshuffle it. You can use the boosters, in this case, or you just exit the game, but do this before you make any moves.

All in all, it is a smash hit game and it is impossible not to fall in love with it. Candy Crush Saga from adds a thrilling element of strategy to a common match three game.

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