Nexus 4 was surely a great Android smartphone, but there were some issues, mostly with the battery and the lack of LTE.

The memory allowance is also paltry and the camera is certainly not up to the mark.

Clarity and Design

The clarity is excellent. The colors are really beautiful and the text is razor sharp. The icons just seem to be floating. The design is excellent considering the styling of the front glass plate, the two-tone trim and also the reflective glass back. The chassis is curved and two materials are used in the phone’s trim, making it ideal to hold, combining a rubbery plastic at the back with a shiny plastic in the front. You can hold the phone comfortably in the hand without letting it slip and the front looks chic. The display is sharp and the color saturation is great making this phone a real beauty to look at. The specs are world class and the price is a budget one.

No SD Card Slot

You cannot get the back off, so you can’t remove the battery and the storage is not expandable. This has been an annoying factor for many users. Google’s argument is that an expandable memory can be confusing. Yet, users who have plenty of content and who do not wish to stream are not quite buying this argument. Of course, buyers knew that there wouldn’t be any SD card slot when the Nexus 4 was announced. This has become a deal breaker for many people, who prefer to opt for other Android varieties. The lack of expandable memory really sucks, as it poses an inconvenience for many. Removable storage is the staple for any Android phone to succeed. Of course, Google offers cloud-based options in order to override this failing, but it’s just not the same for many.

No LTE Support

Everyone knows that the Nexus 4 lacks LTE support and this could pose another deal breaker. If only the LTE option was available on this phone, it could turn things completely around for this device. The lack of LTE can really sting users, especially if they have been used to using a phone that had LTE. YouTube takes a longer time to buffer, for one thing. The good news, however, is that the Nexus 4 will get its long awaited upgrade to LTE and an upgrade is just round the corner.

Camera – A Disaster

The camera seems good enough if the lighting conditions are ideal. But is this really good enough? Many users are not really satisfied with the photographs on this 5MP camera on a flagship phone like Nexus 4. The rear camera is, thankfully, better. You can take decent shots in the daylight and even night shots are pretty good. The photosphere feature allows you to create a 360-degree panorama, but you need the right combination of lighting and location and, more importantly, some luck. As for the front facing camera, it still leaves much to be desired. The camera is miserably subpar especially with low light images, but close up pictures can look quite good.

Other Lows

The screen sensitivity is also a problem, as the touch sensitivity makes you slow down while typing accurately. This is not a deal breaker, but it can be annoying. In addition, Chrome is not as fast as the Android browser, which is the default browser on this phone.

The Last Word

The Nexus 4 is a powerful phone and a very affordable one as well, but, as can be seen, it has its highs and lows. It falls short of a 5 star rating on many counts, such as the poor memory allowance, the  ‘not quite there’ camera and LTE continues to pose the big bugbear for buyers.  You need to make a choice between fast performance and quick updates. The Nexus 4 is certainly not perfect, but it could be a general fit for several users. The pricing is one of its highlights, as you can get it at Google subsidized rates at the Google Play Store.

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