You’ve surely seen someone playing this infinite runner game on his or her smartphones, being one of the ‘top of the chart’ games today.

You need to accomplish several missions with the help of power ups as you go through the subway. The core of this game involves endlessly running along subway tracks, collecting coins as well as power ups and avoiding obstacles on the way, such as barricades, trains and tunnels and so on. Here are some tips to get you scoring higher.

Staying High

It seems rather basic, but you need to get a really high score. You can only do this by grabbing all the coins you find. Use the powerups for maximum effect and make the right lane changes and runs. Take care to keep up the timing of the jumps and you are well on your way to staying high on the scoreboard.

Hoverboards –  Stock Up

You can buy these with coins or win them in prize boxes. They just last for 30 seconds but they help you when you hit an object while riding on them. Instead of ending, you can continue the run. Have a good stock of hoverboards, when you’re not able to prevent a hit. You can keep moving forward with a hoverboard and increase your scores. You can attach hoverboards, such as Hoverboard Starter, the Big Kahuna, the Bouncer, the Daredevil, the Freestyler and many others to your character.

Upgrading Powerups

The powerups in this game are super sneakers that can make you run faster; the coin magnet that helps collect coins; the 2X multiplier that doubles your score and the Jetpack that enables flying above the trains or any other obstacles and get coins as well. Upgrade the powerups by spending the coins earned while running. The powerups then become more effective leading to more coins. The Coin Magnet and the Jet Pack must first be upgraded to complete more missions and unlock upgrades. The 2X multiplier can be upgraded when you near 30x, leading to a boost in your scores.

Using Powerups

The Coin Magnet and the Jetpack are very useful powerups. They can help you get the maximum number of coins in the early part of the game, to help you buy items. The Jetpack also protects you from harm. The 2X multiplier can be upgraded to reach the x30.  The Jetpack and the Super Sneakers also keep you safe while running.

Move Combos

Your moves have to be really smooth. You can slide upwards for jumping and down for rolling. You can also slide from side to side for moving on the three railways. If you swipe to the left, the character goes to the left track and if you swipe to the right, it moves to the right track. Jumping and rolling are other moves. If you are in one of the tricky situations, you can use these moves:

Use a combination of jump and right or Jump, Right, Right. This will have the effect of dashing over to the right when you are in mid air. Similarly, a combination of Jump and Right or Jump, Right + Right will have the character dashing to the left side while he is in mid air. If you combine the moves of Jump and Roll, the Jump gets cancelled and it goes into a roll. Similarly, Roll and Jump combination will cancel the Roll and go into the Jump move.

Finding Keys

If you hit an object while running, you can use keys that allow you to continue running. You can find them by doing weekly missions or also in mystery boxes. If you wish, you can also spend real money to buy keys. A good stock of keys is the ‘key’ to a high score.

Subway Surfers offers several challenges and more and more players are finding the experience unparalleled. You can access this game through different sources and websites.

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