Today, smartphones have dominated the telecommunications industry and more and more people are buying one.

These mobile phones are known for their great features and excellent usability. They are operated by various operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile depending on the model and brand of the phone.

But the greatest thing about owning a smartphone is that you can download highly functional apps which are very useful daily and one of these is Viber. This messaging app is on the lead when it comes to the various VOIP messaging services today. If you have Viber installed on your mobile, here are ways on how you can maximize it to its full potential.


If you are fond of taking photos and images using your smartphone and you want to share it with friends, using Viber is the best way to go. The app actually comes with an option where you can send images to any of your friends who also installed the app on their mobile device. So when you are traveling and you took a really nice picture that you can’t wait for your friends to see, send it over Viber. This service is free and the great thing is that the service is real time so by the time you send it, your friends will immediately receive it on their mobile for as long as they have access to the Internet.

Group Messaging

Sometimes, it would be fun to communicate to not just one of your friends, but to all of them. You can share gossips and talk about anything under the sun. This is certainly fun to do and the best thing about it is that this service is for free, for as long as your friends are Viber users as well and they have access to the Internet. You can even make use of the fun emoticons and stickers in the messaging feature of Viber for a more enjoyable conversation with friends.


When you install Viber on your mobile device, it will ask you to enter your mobile phone number. This is actually for them to be able to have access to your contacts, and that is another feature from Viber which you should take advantage of. Open the app and tap the Contacts feature and you will surely notice a lot of familiar names in there. Those are actually your friends that have Viber on their phone as well. With this feature, you won’t have to keep on asking each and every one of your friends and family members if they are using Viber.

Now that you know all the great features that you can take advantage of from Viber, then it’s about time to try them. If you have not installed this messaging app yet, then you should do it now. Who knows? You might just be the only one in your group of friends that isn’t using the app yet. So do not miss out on this great opportunity. Install Viber now!

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