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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU14 and Upcoming Features of the New Edition


According to the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, 4J Studios is coming up with a new Battlefield 4 update for the game.

In order to improve the game’s overall platform, they are also thinking of implementing a few other fixes and this is something that a lot of Minecraft gamers have certainly been waiting for. These update fixes will also be pushed for the Minecraft PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 editions.

Bug Fixes

Fans are just so eager to know what these Minecraft Xbox 360 updates are. But first, here are some of the bugs that will be fixed as a result of the update:

  • Blood signs that will appear right before other damage indicators will do in every kill.
  • Dying soldiers earning one health point instead of zero.
  • The health amount as well as the scoreboard rank icons which are not updating live.
  • Friendly markers that are not always showing and result to players shooting their fellow teammates.

As of this writing, all these bug fixes have already been implemented and players will now be able to fully enjoy their game even more.

More Repairs

Aside from the bug fixes, some other things that will be included on the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates are the normalization of the repair rates of vehicles, with lower health vehicles repairing slower this time around. Furthermore the handling attributes on Stealth as well as the Attack Jets are now fully improved and the animations as well as the camera glitches which have been plaguing a lot of gamers have now been addressed. The M1 Abrams Coaxial ammo box is also included on the update and will no longer intrude the driver’s camera. The engine sound dropout is also changed and the Stealth Jet 20 cannon’s damage was increased up to 25 percent.

TU14 Updates

Meanwhile, the 4J Studios has also given a few hints regarding the details of the TU14 as part of the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates. According to the developer, this upcoming title patch will be based on the original version of the Minecraft game which was being operated by Java when played on personal computers.

Furthermore, 4J Studios has indicated that their development team is thinking of adding more content on this new edition of the Minecraft Xbox 360. In fact, they have recently added some new features on the PC version as well. The new Minecraft version will also give players the ability to trade with other non playable characters and will also introduce the new emerald element.

But it should be noted that the patch release date of the TU14 has not been disclosed as of yet. Rumors circulating about its actual release date are is in fact, just rumors. 4J Studios, through its Twitter account, said that if in the event that the new TU14 patches will be available, they will announce it to everyone along with other Minecraft Xbox 360 updates as a result of these patches. The company aims to give players a more exciting experience when playing Minecraft Xbox 360.