The Nexus 5 boasts of the awesome Android 4.4 KitKat along with unbeatable specs.

To give its due respect, it has to be said that the Nexus 5 is Google’s affordable handset that gets the Internet to as many as possible. You wouldn’t say it is the best Android phone going around, but it’s nearing the winning formula. It offers all the right combinations, 4G, an 8MP camera, Snapdragon 800, in a 5 inches 1080p mobile handset created by LG – all this at a much lower price. The bonus is that it offers the best mobile OS, the KitKat, the top features being the in app search, voice controls and Google Now. It also enables wireless charging accessories with the built in technology.

Light and Strong

It’s light but sturdy and can surely stand a lot of wear and tear. The design is understated and subtle. The sound is good, but take care not to cover the speaker with your hand accidentally. It’s slim and can easily fit into your pocket. The display is sharp with classy menus on the best screen seen in mobile phones this year. Text and games are crisp. As for performance, the Nexus 5 offers a very smooth Android experience with great touch screen response. Google search is a breeze and just a few seconds away, the pages open instantly.

Google Now and Search Features

The Nexus 5 is all about Google Now and the Search feature. Users will spend a lot of time looking up locations and weather. Web pages also get suggested and you can access it in the same way as before, by swiping from the bottom upwards. You will find the Search everywhere, even in the dialer and on all home screens. You just need to say ‘OK Google’ using voice controls to find contacts, apps or do a voice search and it’s fast too.

On the Picky Side

If you are being picky, you could complain that the web pages are not so well served and don’t seem as dynamic as you’d love it to be. The viewing angles are not too good either. If you tilt the phone from one side to another, the contrast and the colors seem to fade away. Of course, users wouldn’t do this often and we are more likely to use it straight, but it might be annoying when showing something to a friend sitting nearby. Again, the control buttons are all Android and not so stylish. The device also gets heated up, especially if you use the camera or download a heavy game.


This is surely a sore point with many users. The phone would have been a lot better with expandable storage. Of course, it is offered in both 16GB and 32GB versions and the price for the 32GB version is quite meager, but a MicroSD slot would have been really welcome.


This is what most users are really bothered about. The Nexus 4 did not have much to boast about, so when you compare the Nexus 5 with its predecessor, there’s been a big boost, both in the software and the hardware. The Auto Awesome feature offers pretty decent animations as well as panoramas along with photo booth shots. Yet, it’s not all that satisfying and falls short. The colors are muted and shots, both indoors and outdoors, are quite disappointing, even when you tweak the exposure in the menu. We wouldn’t go so far as to say the images are downright bad, but the contrast is poor and handling tricky light is difficult. The details are good, especially while zooming on faraway subjects, with a good auto focus. The night shots are also pretty good for the price. The video is full HD, but the colors aren’t entirely accurate, so we cannot call the Nexus 5 phone a top smartphone camera, as it does not offer the best picture quality.


The Nexus 5 becomes scarily powerful with KitKat and it can be safely said that it has lived up to the hype. A beefy battery along with a killer camera could have worked wonders to make this phone the dominant one in the market.

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