Temple Run 2 is a great sequel to the original Temple Run, especially for those who enjoy ‘running’ games.

Just as in the original, you need to use swipe for running, turning and jumping while exploring the floating temple. The path is visually more interesting when compared to the original and you have many transportation modes as well. The graphics in the sequel make all the difference, with animated and realistic hazards and obstacles for sliding and jumping over. The graphics are excellent; the path variation is better with more obstacles and plenty of power ups. If you cannot get enough of playing this fast paced runner game, here are a few tips to make sure that you play your best.

Before you start Running

Make sure to get some free coins before you start running. You’ll need to head over to the app store and choose the ‘Get Free Stuff’. You surely have a Facebook account, so get going there and start ‘liking’ the game on Facebook and Twitter. This way, you could get 250 more coins. The free ‘gem’ is another thing you need to nab. This can be easily done again by going to Facebook and liking the game. Once you’ve done this, you can start playing and have fun running.

Tackling Cliffhangers

If you are one of those who get totally freaked out when seeing a cliff hanger, especially those with one side fixed and the other absent, here’s a trick.  The trick here is to jump as soon as you spot one and then lean towards the safe side while you are still in the air.

Enhance your Upgrades on the Right

You surely want a superb final score; so start increasing your coin upgrades. See that the score multiplier increases and goes on to the spawn upgrades. This will help you get more coins and achieve high scores. You will also be able to access power ups for the more difficult stages lying in store for you.

Tilting the Mine Cart

The sequel throws in some thrilling underground cart incidents, which can be pretty frustrating. You’d do well to keep the cart tilted towards the right rather than tilting it when required. Get gems that are more easily accessible. You can also go for the difficult ones later, once you’ve mastered the art. Take care and be alert to missing tracks and sudden turns.

Obstacle Pairs

Some obstacles seem to come in pairs and are quite challenging to pass. When you spot such a pair, make a leap at the very last second to clear both of them in one single leap.

Completing the Objectives

Make sure to complete the objectives set out. This will help you level up quickly and you can also increase your multiplier level.

Selecting Power ups

You can opt for a shield for protection against hazards; a powerful magnet that can bring coins towards you or a boost/propeller to push your character at high speed. However, on every run, you can opt for only one power up, so you need to make a wise choice. The boost is a good power up, as it helps you turn corners and go through obstacles in an almost invincible manner. You can also upgrade abilities to increase the duration of power ups. There are nine of them and initially you can upgrade only one or two of them. You can first opt to improve the coin magnet and the coin value abilities to get more coins. The boost distance ability can also be upgraded later on, as it increases the distance travelled.

Handling Red Tiles

This can be tricky, especially if you have a slow reaction time. You can jump as soon as you spot red tiles, but at times, obstacles follow them. In this case, jumping might not work. The next best thing would be lean around the red tiles, so that you don’t jump and land on obstacles, such as spiked wheels.

This much anticipated sequel to the original Temple Run is sure to overtake the original quite quickly and continue its popularity. Follow the above tips and it’s sure to delight you.

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