A honest review on the performance of Viber app.

There are several social media apps getting launched from time to time and Viber seems to be one among them that has been getting a lot of mentions and accolades. What makes Viber one of the top apps? Is Viber trending the field of social mobile apes? Let’s get the facts sorted.

Free Calls

Everyone is desperate to find apps that can help them cut down their call cost. When Viber announced the free call features, it was BIG news. The fact that you can call your friends for free and speak for endless hours without burning a big hole in your pocket boosted the growth of Viber. There is no doubt that this remains one of the best features offered by Viber. The call quality is pretty decent and unlike apps like Line, where you can only call the ones who have Line installed, Viber works differently.

Viber helps you make free calls to anyone, anywhere, regardless of whether or not they have Viber installed on their phone. This is a very convenient feature.

Messaging on the Go

Messaging has diversified a great deal. There was a time when text messages were extremely popular, but texting someone who was sitting in another continent was terribly expensive. Those were the days when Blackberry messenger was on the prowl. However, as things changed, Viber offers one of the best ways of messaging on the go.

You can message anyone, anywhere in the world, for FREE. Not only this, you can also bring your messages to ‘life’ by adding the right amount of emoticons and animations. There are a lot of smileys and emoticons that you can use. Stickers in Viber seem to be a great hit!

These colorful and animated smiles make a conversation lively and interesting. Viber offers an endless supply of all these and more. You can easily use the “stickers” to have those endless chats that are silly, meaningless and so much fun.


There is nothing better than having a bunch of friends to talk together. Like most other social mobile apps, Viber too has announced the option of conferences. You can easily find some of the top options for group chats and thereby have some of the best time chit chatting with your friends and sharing some of the most memorable moments.

You can also share stickers and smileys and even post pictures, audio and video clips and have quality time that you are likely to recall on various occasions.

Works like Skype

A lot of users have commented that Viber shares similarity with Skype. You can use Viber credits to make international calls to non – Viber users.  There have been changes to the credit system and there is a provision to make free calls as well. This is the reason for the huge popularity of Viber because it is one of those apps that can offer you the best from mobile technology. You can send messages; share all types of multimedia files and at the same time make calls as well. The fact that there are so many different features and all of them work efficiently as well, is one of the main reasons for the huge success of this app.

The reviews that Viber has managed to gain have been pretty impressive and are an indication of how successful the app has managed to become. Most users who have chosen to opt for Viber have been pleased with the performance and they have rated it highly.

There are too many different social apps to pick from and each one of them offers something good. Whatsapp is one of the top trending apps and the fact that Viber also offers free calls makes it a better choice for those who want to have an app that can aid in the reduction of their phone bills.

Apart from these, there are many other features offered by Viber and the performance of this app has been commendable. The fact that it is available for free further improves the number of people who chose to download it and use it to stay in touch with their near and dear ones.

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