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Gmail Free Email Service Download Tricks


‘Gmail’ has received immense popularity to the level that it can be considered as an alternate term for ‘email’.

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google which can be used as a secure mail or for POP3 emails. What started as an invitation-only email service has the attention of every online presence in the world. It seems as if every internet friendly individual has a Gmail address of his own. Since its inception in 2004, Gmail has undergone quite a lot of upgrade and improvisation for ease of user experience.

You may have had the Gmail id for years but quite likely you are not taking full advantage of the cool little features it offers. Gmail is more than just an email service. It can easily work as a virtual manager for employees. Let us discuss some little tricks which will help maximize your Gmail experience.

The Attachment Genie

The function of attaching a file to an email is used frequently. Gmail has added some cool new features to this function.

  • You can just drag and drop your file to be attached in the Gmail browser and the file will be attached to the draft mail. This eases the cumbersome process of finding, selecting and clicking on the ‘upload’ button.
  • You can also attach many files to the mail simultaneously. You just need to select all the files and hit ‘attach’.
  • You can open any attachment right in the email window.
  • The Gmail features also include a reminder if you forget to attach an email. The browser detects words like ‘attachment’ in the mail and verifies if you have attached any file. If any such words are present in the body of your mail and if Gmail finds no attachments, you will be shown a pop up message by Gmail when you try to send the email by clicking on the ‘Send’ button.

No internet? Don’t fret

Gmail has a unique feature of being available offline too. You just need to activate the offline mail option through settings in the chrome web browser. It is best to use this function only on your personal laptop to avoid privacy issues. Once the feature is activated, you can access and manage your email even without internet. When you connect to internet next, chrome syncs your latest mails and saves them in storage for future use.

No more tagging along

It happens very often that one of your friend or colleague sends you an email as a part of a big list of recipients. Every time any of those recipients replies to that email thread, you will get an update. This can get irritating if the conversation does not concern you anymore. Gmail can help you opt out of the continuous thread. You need to select the conversation, click on ‘more’ and then click ‘mute’. Every subsequent mail in that conversation thread would then be archived. You can choose to revert that option whenever you want.

Weekend Goggles

Gmail strives to help their users in sending only right emails. Research shows that a major percentage of internet users tend to send incorrect or unintentional emails on weekend nights. Gmail uses Mail Goggles as a useful tool to avoid this mistake. Once activated, the tool detects the day and time when you are about to send an email. If the local time is quite late in the night on a weekend, you are asked to solve simple math problems before you can proceed to send.  Once you get the problems right, you can send the mail.

Get the legit

You may receive daily update or information emails from valid companies like PayPal, Ebay or Elance, but there are quite a few internet scams related to them too. Some of these emails may even require you to reply back with your personal details. How can you verify if the mail is true or not? Gmail labs have a feature called ‘Authentication icon for verified senders’. This function when activated puts a small key icon before the mail id of valid companies. This way you can be sure that the ID from which you have got the email, is legitimate.