Will the new Apple iPad Air with its iOS7, redesigning and the A764 bit processor be able to maintain its lead against the horde of Android tablets in the market?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. It can fit into your life without having to make any compromise. It is a standalone device but can also be charged from a computer. It is the lightest tablet available in the market, though offered at a higher price.


The name Air suits this tablet admirably, taking into consideration the slim design and its battery life, making it one of the best portable computing devices. It is even slimmer than many of the smartphones out in the market. Of course, it is slightly heavier than a smartphone and you cannot hold it for long in your hand. All the non-essentials of the previous iPad 4 have been reduced, with all dimensions becoming smaller.

Features  – A Treat

The A7 processor makes it Apple’s fastest tablet ever, though not the fastest in the market. But opting for the tablet that has the fastest CPU is only a knee jerk reaction. The iPad Air will surely let you do your work faster, despite the slower CPU. Another plus point is the battery life, which is truly phenomenal. Features of Apple devices are undoubtedly a treat and the Apple iPad Air is no different. The IPS Retina display offers lively colors and sensitivity, with great viewing angles, and smooth animations and transitions.  One can easily and smoothly switch between applications.

The iOS A7 microprocessor enables superior quality of multi tasking and is a delight to gamers who play fast games, such as Real Steel and Real Racing 3. You won’t break into a sweat, as the frame rates are really smooth. Of course, the iPad might get a little warm, but not too hot.

Storage – A Drawback

You might find the storage of 16GB not enough, especially if you have installed games, videos, music and iMovies and so on. The higher resolution images also occupy space and there is no expandable storage.

Camera and Battery

The camera is the same as the previous model, but it is quite decent, offering good field depth. Focusing and saving the image is also quick, even in case of HDR images. There’s not much noise and indoor shots also show good quality. You can easily get up to 10 hours of battery life even if you do indulge in a lot of reading, gaming and video playback. The standby time is amazing and if you have not used it for a few days, you don’t need to charge it, which cannot be said for Android tablets.

Smart Cover

This is its basic accessory and it attaches magnetically to the side, protecting the screen. When you close the case, the device goes into standby mode. You can also fold the smart cover in a triangular shape to prop up the tablet for easier typing or swivel it for better movie viewing. It’s also available in different colors and you don’t need to carry around a case any more.

So, despite all efforts from the Android camp, Apple tablets continue to rule the roost. You simply cannot knock the Apple iPad Air from its pedestal. The price for the 16GB model seems to be a little high for what it has to offer. Of course, it has new internals and the model is amazingly weightless, but many would opt for a 32GB mini iPad, instead of its larger but pricier sibling. The Apple iPad Air is not enough to hold all your media files in a 16GB device. Maybe, the higher price would have been justified, if the device had an 8MP camera like the iPhone 5 or the Touch ID from the 5s. All said, Apple’s latest iPad is a huge step forward. It is noticeably better, thinner and lighter, with a longer lasting battery. It is faster and smoother and has an attractive design and works smoothly. What is not to like?

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