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Why iPhone 5s Is No Better Than Samsung Galaxy S4


The Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 are two of the most popular smartphones available on the market, and have been fighting head-to-head to be number one ever since they were released in 2013.

Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. While they are not equally powerful, each phone makes up where they lack features in by having a better camera or a better voice translator than the other. It’s all about preferences.

The Galaxy S4 Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is quite different from the Apple iPhone 5s. Its screen is wider, longer, and features full HD video and video recording. Its rear camera is 13 megapixels while the front camera is 2 mp. Both the 5s and the S4 have a computerized voice system to help users with various tasks by just talking to them using certain commands. The S4 is more limited in this aspect, as the S voice seems to be merely a knock-off of Siri, which is capable of many more commands and even some jokes. But the S4 is all about neat new features, for example, the air gesture. It enables users to answer a phone call with a simple wave or change tracks while listening to music. The Samsung Smart Pause knows when users look away from the phone and automatically pause a video, then resumes when users look back. It also has group play, in which people with the S4 can connect their phones together to share music or play games together to make the sound pop and come alive. The S4 can also dual record videos and pictures, using the rear and front camera at the same time.

iPhone 5s and Limited Updates

The iPhone 5s and the S4 are a bit difficult to compare because they are from two separate companies. Both of the phones feature great and new things for users to try out and play with. But in the end, it’s all about preferences. If users want a simple phone that does it all without the fancy features, then the 5s is the way to go. It still has new things to use from its predecessor, the iPhone 5, such as the Touch ID which lets people unlock their phones with their finger. It can enroll people you trust, as well, so that nobody else may have access to your iPhone, especially if it gets lost.

To put it simply, the S4 has many more features compared to the iPhone 5s. But the 5s excels in what features it does have, like Siri and the Touch ID which is unique for a smartphone to sport. All in all, if consumers prefer a simpler, lighter phone with a larger amount of original Apps to choose from in the App store, the iPhone is the way to go. But if people prefer a companion in life, a larger phone to view things in full on HD and play with a bunch of different and useful features, the Galaxy S4 is the better option.