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Spewtilator Exclusive Song Stream: “Goathrower”

By now, you should know the name Spewtilator.

It has appeared on this site twice before, by way of two guest columns contributed by the band’s Rafay Nabeel, available here and here.

Today, you get to hear the band’s music. And if you’re into grind-imbued death thrash, get ready to fall in love with Spewtilator.

On Valentine’s Day (February 14), Boris Records will release the band’s EP Goathrower. We’re streaming the title track at the end of this post.

The four-song effort from the trio is a true “gore de force” of all things fast and nasty, and even includes a dope Zeke cover.

Spewtilator have been around since 2007, and a press release described their music as “smoked out, beer drenched, headbangers’ belching, burrito-tinged death breath.”

See what that’s all about below. I recommend it.

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