Despite the fact that there was no confirmation yet of the actual release date of the GTA 5 PC version, a lot of avid PC gamers are already showing interest on the game and are curious as to what the game will be like and of course, the actual release date of the game.

There were rumors going around the World Wide Web now about the GTA 5 PC edition to be available by March. While others say that the actual date is on March 12, there are some who say that it’s March 18.

First Quarter of 2014

Those who are anticipating the release of Grand Theft Auto V might be in luck since there are rumors circulating the World Wide Web that the game will actually be made available for PC in the first quarter of 2014. A lot of reports are saying that the release date will be somewhere around the first few months of 2014, around the first quarter.

As you know, the game has been very successful ever since it was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In fact, the game received lots of awards and a lot of favorable reviews have been written online about the game. And now that the RockStar Games, the publisher of the game, is planning to release the GTA 5 PC version in the market, fans are just so thrilled.

March Release Date

An electronic distributor from Brazil has made the confirmation that the game will be released in March, and as a matter of fact, he gave an actual date, March 12. This made a lot of gamers feel so excited. However, several people online have claimed that there is no truth on the March 12 release date of the GTA 5 PC version. And this makes people very impatient.

Such process is actually similar to what happened in 2008, during the launch of GTA IV. Initially, the game was only to be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but a lot of gamers have demanded for the PC release and so in the following year, RockStar Games gave in to their request of releasing the PC version of the game.

Online Petition

Because there was no official confirmation on the part of RockStar Games if they will be releasing the GTA 5 PC for this year, someone has organized an online petition demanding for the release of the game in a PC version. As of now, around 632,000 people have signed up. But according to the organizer, he is aiming for a million signatures. When this happens, he believes that RockStar will finally give what they want. But as of yet, no official statement from the company has been received and all that PC gamers can do now is wait.

Whether the March release date is true or not, only the RockStar Games can confirm whether they are going to launch the GTA 5 PC version in March or at a later time.

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