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No Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU14, No Problem – Minecraft and Avengers are Teaming Up

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4J Studios, the maker of Minecraft console editions, has been tirelessly working on updating the Xbox 360 version of the Minecraft game.

With plenty of additional Minecraft Xbox 360 updates still planned for this very successful game, aside from the recent release of the PlayStation 3 version, there are definitely a lot of great things that are about to happen which Minecraft fans should be excited about. One of the most exciting news that 4J Studios has recently revealed as part of the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates is their decision to team up with Avengers.

Minecraft and Avengers Team Up

Minecraft is never short of downloadable contents which come in the form of skins and entire texture packs that make the game even more exciting. And now, with their decision to team up with Marvel’s Avengers, Minecraft gamers will certainly be thrilled to see a total of 35 new skins that are based on their favorite superheroes and villains, and all characters associated with Marvel’s Avengers. On these recent Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, Minecraft gamers will also be seeing a lot of familiar faces that are based on their favorite Marvel comic books.

Marvel Avengers Characters

Minecraft has gained so much popularity ever since it was first released in the market. It came out initially in the PC platform until 4J Studios decided to develop Minecraft for gaming consoles, thus, the birth of the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition.

The decision of 4J Studios to blend Minecraft with Avengers is indeed a great one. Minecraft is an adventure in itself and having all those Marvel characters in the game will fill the game with so much fun. According to the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates, among the characters that one would encounter on this action packed adventure game are Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Agent Coulson and many more. All together there will be a total of 35 characters that will be added into the game. So if you are a fan of both Minecraft and the Avengers, then this will definitely be a perfect game combo for you.

Release Date and Price

When the Minecraft Xbox 360 updates about Minecraft’s decision to team up with Avengers were released, a lot of people wondered when the release date of this updated game will take place. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to reveal when this new updated version of the game will be released. However, a lot of gamers speculate that the release could happen anytime soon, anytime within this year.

Another thing that a lot of Minecraft gamers would want to know about the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 updates is the price of this new game. Given the nature of the game and the characters involved, it is understandable that the game could cost a lot.  PS3 owners are also interested to find out if such team up would take place for the Minecraft PS3 edition. There is a possibility that such team up would take place on the PS3 edition as well especially since it has been predicted that this team up will be a huge success.