An overview of the Minecraft Xbox One.

The world of Minecraft is like a giant sandbox that is both an interesting and scary place to be in. It has become so much popular all over the world which is why the 4J Studios has decided to create console platforms for this game. Just like with the PC version, the Minecraft Xbox One has gained so much popularity among Xbox One gamers. Although it is very much similar to the PC version, it comes with features that help to make the game to become even more interesting. So if you own an Xbox One and you are thinking of playing the Minecraft game on your device, read this article to find out more information about the game.

Features and Enhancements

The Minecraft Xbox One was revealed to the public during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 in June. It was at that time that Microsoft showed the public the trailer of the game which piqued the interest of Xbox One gamers.

During the conference, Microsoft revealed that this new edition of the Minecraft game will feature a much larger world with expanded multiplayer features, as well as various enhancements that are powered by the Xbox One. It also comes with several great features that are specifically available for Xbox One users. The Minecraft Xbox One edition will be released through the Xbox One Launch Window.


The gameplay of the Minecraft Xbox One version is pretty much the same with the other versions of the game. Basically, the game would require players to craft their own world. On this game, players would be able to build their own armor, swords and weapons, as well as buildings and their own home.

Players will also need to acquire several different kinds of resources in order for them to be able to craft the things that they need. By acquiring better resources, players would be able to craft as many items as they want. They could build axes, pickaxes, shovels and other tools that they can use to dig soil, mine ores, and chop down trees.

In the Minecraft Xbox One version, players can also trade goods with each other by means of the bartering system. Often, emeralds are used as the currency of the villages although others would also trade with other materials and wheat.

Release Date of the Game

There have been lots of rumors circulating all over the World Wide Web concerning the actual release date of the Minecraft Xbox One version. This is because when the game was launched to the public during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 in June, Microsoft did not divulge the actual release date of the game. Because of this, a lot of Xbox One gamers have been wondering on when they could finally get to experience the exciting world of Minecraft on their own gaming console.

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